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Fastest video convertor ever

i have a wifi mycloud hard drive which i store all video library (more than 500 movies and TV Series) so that i can watch them on the go on my iPad . But all of my movies were of a MKV format, so i needed a video convertor to convert them to MP4 format so i can watch them on my iPAD. i have tried many movie convertor but all took a lot of time to convert (8hrs+ each) which i did not have. And last week I stumbbled on Wondershare Video Convertor and give it a try. Wow i was amazed of the speed in witch it was converting my media. i wanted to purchase this product but my finacial status did not permit me for now phis wonderful product.

by Pascal Vassalotti|2016-04-16 07:34:21

100% Gold Standard Converter!!!!

It does exactly what it says it does. Best of all is the speed of converting videos. A great converter for all to use.

by Julian Pang|2016-03-31 21:57:38

Good editing software

This worked phenomenally for my video project!

by Carl|2016-03-31 20:24:28

very good apps

congratulations.keep your hardwork !

by eppy|2016-03-29 09:09:15

Wondershare is Wonderful!

My work calls for accurate conversions on virtually all available platforms today. What an absolute pleasure to have a system that actually works without any frustration! Well done guys! I''ve been using it for years and I''ll be doing so until I kick the bucket! Three cheers!

by Piet Human, Johanneburg, South|2016-03-26 15:30:15

Very good Application

Application is very fast and simple. I propose to add identification duplicate video files

by Michael|2016-03-19 14:08:18

GREAT software application

I am still amazed of all the things you can do with this software. When I am prompted to install an upgrade I am always amazed what I thought was GREAT to be AWESOME! This is a must for all.

by Richard Duckworth|2016-03-17 16:15:48

It is 30X faster

I had a hard time believing it could be 30X faster. I thought that was sales bunk, but it is true! Just spend the money and buy it, you will save a lot of time.

by VW|2016-03-15 12:16:02

30X Faster Video Conversion

Haha, when we check "High speed conversion supported", video conversion take one minute. I knew how it did. It copy source video data and only convert source audio data. So quality video don''t change.

by Minh|2016-02-28 09:55:38

Very good editing software!

Definitely surpassed my expectations and is a great simple but useful video editing tool!

by Patrick Kelley|2016-02-25 21:52:03

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