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Activation for Windows

What can I do if I didn’t get a registration code?

Situation 1: Check the confirmation email.

Please wait a few minutes for the system to generate and activate the registration code after purchase successfully, then try again.

Tips: If you purchase our product directly on our official website the registration code will be displayed on the Order Confirmation page. You can use the full version of your software once your order has been successfully completed.

Situation 2: Retrieve the registration code via our online registration code retrieval system.

Using this link, you need to submit your Licensed e-mail. If you fail to retrieve your registration information, contact us and supply us with your Licensed e-mail or the Order ID.

Situation 3: If you buy our product from one of our resellers, agents, eBay, or the App Store, we will not have your order information in our system.

If you purchase from App store, you don't have to wait for a registration code. Just launch App store and go to Purchase tab, you can install the full version directly.

Situation 4: Contact us and supply us with the following information in case the above doesn't help you:

1. Order ID, Full name, email address on the order.
2. Name of the product(s) purchased, Date and amount of the charge and Name of the site the purchase was made on.
3. Transaction ID of Paypal or credit card.

Pack Up

What shall I do, if the registration code is invalid?

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