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How do I burn audio files to a CD?

As Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate doesn’t support burning audio files to a CD, try these free alternatives.

Burning CD’s using iTunes:

For MP3, M4A, AAX, or AA files you can use iTunes to burn them to a CD with the following instructions.
1. Click File>Add files to library to load the audio files into iTunes, and then create a playlist by clicking File>New Playlist.


2. Drag your chosen files from your iTunes library into the new playlist.


3. Right click (right mouse button) on the playlist and choose Burn Playlist to Disc.


Burning CD’s using Windows Media Player:

To burn your WMA files to a CD follow the steps below to use Windows Media Player.
1. Right click (right mouse button) a WMA file and select File>Add to Library and it will be added to your Windows Media Player.
2. In Windows Media Player right click (right mouse button) the file and select Add to>Burn List.
3. Click on the Burn tab, and then select Start Burn to transfer the data to a CD.


Note: If the audio file you are trying to burn to a CD is DRM protected, you will have to ensure that you have authorization for the file. Otherwise the programs will be unable to complete the burn task as requested.

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