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Common Problems

How do I retain the ID3 tags of the converted DRM files?

An ID3 tag, also known as metadata, is the way to describe information relating to the file that you are working with. It can contain information as in the track name, artist, etc. If you wish to learn more about ID3 tags, click on this link for more information: here

Due to the properties of video formats, you can retain the ID3 tags of specific file types, like MP3, WMA, M4A, M4B and M4P files if you convert them to the MP3 or WMA format.
You can also retain the ID3 tags of WMV, ASF, and M4V files if you convert them to the WMV or ASF format.

The software only acquires the ID3 information after completion of the conversion. Once the file has been converted, you are able to them get the ID3 tags for the output file.

If you have chosen the correct output format and are unable to obtain the ID3 tags, contact us and let us know the format of your source file, and the output file. Also include a detailed description of what you were doing so that we can investigate for you.

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