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The new compression feature is GREAT

I've used Wondershare for about a year now to convert hundreds of AVI and MKV video files to MP4's. It has always worked great and overall I have been pleased with the the software.... if i had one complaint, it was the difficulty to reduce the file size. The interface to adjust bitrate, resolution, audio, etc.. was not intuitive enough to show how the changes I was making would effect file size within the same screen. However, the new Compression feature is great and even better you can Compress the file size (with minimal loss in quality) and Convert to a different format all at the same time... This just improved on one of the best video converters out there.. Well done Wondershare!!!

by Mike W|2018-11-25 19:31:14

Love this App!

Super easy...started using it right away. No learning curve. I have over a hundred DVDs of old family VHS tapes. I'm converting from the native format on those DVDs to MP4 so I can share clips via my iPhone. Ultimate Video Converter does the job! I've already converted 20 DVDs to MP4, and shared with family and friends. Great experience, start to finish! Thank you, Wondershare. Also thanks for being available on the Mac App Store!

by Jean|2018-11-04 13:35:04

Converts well

I've used it to convert hundreds of files and several formats. I haven't had a single problem

by William Feldman|2018-11-02 09:44:31

Unbelieveable "hidden" features

Oh... my... God!! My grandmother is 72 y. o., still very active and a movies/ TV series aficionado. And, of course, owns a HUGE 4:3 aspect ratio TV, which she won't change for anything in the world. I've discovered that, by clicking the "Crop" button, on the left side, under the video loaded, a new world opens: I was able to set the desired aspect ratio, switching from the original 16:9 to the desired 4:3 and from the initial 1280x720s and 1920x1080s to some 4:3 fitting formats (highly customizeable), like 960x720, 853x640, 768x576 etc. And, then, I set the subtitles' font, size, color and I added a green, eye-relaxing outline. Now, my granny doesn't even need her glasses! And the conversing speed is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e! Amazing software.

by Pompilius|2018-10-21 04:15:22

Simply the best, easiest tool to use

I find this tool and their mobile go and other functionality second to none. The video Converter works flawlessly I find and is so quick on my msi laptop

by John H|2018-10-14 17:16:46

Been a Great Tool of everyday Life

Love Love Love for conversions. Great Program, Great Company. Cant fault. have Been Using for .... A long long long time ;-)

by Benn|2018-09-27 03:10:56

Nice app

This is a very very very very very very very very very very very very much useful and good app

by Megh Dobariya|2018-09-21 06:23:03

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The ultimate easy to use converter. It has trimming, cropping, basic color editing, preset LUT's and watermarking capabilities. MANY file output choices.

by UPI|2018-09-04 11:13:18

What a wonderful software

I play video games all the time and upload them to YouTube, but to upload 15GB is too much, thus I find this software. it's super easy to use and have speed conversion WHAT!!! can I use my VGA to fast my converter video like bitcoin and to make 15GB to 900MB that's so cool so thank you Wondershare for make yet again one of the top video and audio converter.

by TonyGnaplos|2018-08-27 13:13:41


works like a charm - and fast! the conversions worked great and have saved my video collection

by Tom|2018-08-08 16:39:33

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