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by 徐先生|2018-07-13 20:47:57

No.1 converter worth recommending

Thank you very very much both for powerful product feature and supreme after-service support, I'll recommend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate because I think it is the number one!

by Enrico Guerra|2018-07-04 19:50:10

Wondershare Video Converer Ulimate

Well let me say im happy with the sofeware and company I been using this since apr 2013 and no problems

by Daniel Mingorance|2018-07-03 08:09:25

Just some suggestions

Excellent work. I think You should add size estimating to gif maker. personally, I do the process over and over to get the ideal result and it takes a lot of time. Thank you.

by Jay Abkar|2018-06-27 02:37:23

Rego number

Your rego number is not the short one it has 32 digits copy it and save somewhere

by John|2018-05-28 23:41:34

The Best Video Converter I've Ever Found

Over the years I've tried a lot of video converters but I was always searching for the best. I've been using the paid version of Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate since 2013 and have never had to look for anything else. It is just the best video converter out there. Last week I lost my boot driver in my computer and have been slowly reinstalling all my favorite software. Today I downloaded Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate, I installed it, put in my registration Key and it worked perfectly. Thanks Wondershare for making that part easy too!

by Kit Kimes|2018-04-24 06:41:06

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

I was having problem with my VLC player so I followed the instructions which the give it works fantastic

by Vikas|2018-04-14 04:03:24

I can't live without it

I'm using Video Converter Ultimate since its version 4. It is simply so useful than I can't live without. It works great, make fast conversions with no errors. Full of features. Highly recommended.

by Adrian|2018-04-13 08:18:34

Wonderful - Wondershare!

Not only did I LOVE this program for the value packed options, but got so excited about the creators, I bought almost every program that wondershare has marketed. They are all great programs.

by Sue Kamalo|2018-04-06 03:13:57


I was looking for a video converter software and got A LOT more from Wondershare. Really! Me and my girlfriend are amazed at how much value you get for it. Thank you and keep up the good work!

by Marcelo|2018-03-11 18:19:39

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